Thursday, May 31, 2018


5 RFT:
30 Wall Balls (20/14)
5 Per Leg DB Step Ups (50/35) to a (24/20) Box

A Tip For Today
Did you know there are other things in your life that can be bad habits besides the obvious like biting your nails or playing with your hair?  Did you know that negativity and complaining can become a bad habit?  Without even realizing it, you can get into a habit of complaining about everything.  When you do this, you start to draw a very negative view of the world around you and yourself.  Suddenly, nothing is good enough, everything is always wrong, you never do anything right.  Become aware of your attitude.  It affects your outlook on life, your relationship with others, your workout performance, and your health.  Stop complaining, stop berating yourself, be more open minded, be approachable, listen more, smile more, and appreciate things more.