Thursday, June 21, 2018


D-Ball Clean (Rep ends with throwing it over the shoulder) Technique Work

10:00 EMOM
Every Minute:
100 m row
10/7 Push Ups

Post WOD Mobility
1) T-Spine Mobility of Foam Roller
2) DB Shoulder Flexion Stretch
3) Scorpion
4) Pigeon

A Tip For Today
The D-Ball clean is more than just picking the ball off the floor and throwing it over your shoulder.  The technique is a lot like the atlas stone.  What makes the D-Ball harder, however, is the fact that it's not solidly shaped.  Due to the fact that it is full of sand, it is awkward to "just pick up".  You must get down into a deep squat and get your forearms under the ball, like a fork lift.  From there, lift it with your legs and bring it into your hip, letting it rest on your legs.  An explosive firing of the hip will launch the ball up and by throwing your chest back, it will fly over your shoulder.  If the ball is moving slow, you are using too much arms and not enough explosive hip drive.