Thursday, June 14, 2018


For Completion:
Accumulate 1 mile walking of:
1) Odd Object Carry
2) Farmers Carry/Overhead Carry
3) Sled Drag
4) KB Front Rack Carry
*Must do all of the movements but the distance for each movement is up to the athlete
*The farmers/overhead is one arm does a farmers carry, the other arm does overhead, when you turn around, switch
*Example: 200 m farmers/overhead + 600 m sled drag + 200 m KB Front Rack + 200 m odd object + 400 m sled drag again = 1 mile

Post WOD:
Bike Conditioning:
10 Rounds
:10 all out sprint
Rest :30 between rounds

A Tip For Today
There is nothing more functional than moving and carrying odd objects.  Think of the number of times you have done yard work or helped a friend moved and been super sore.  The more you can train different modalities, the more you eliminate weaknesses.  The human body responds to stressors by becoming stronger.  As you complete these carries today, be aware of body positions and which muscle groups are doing the work.  Try to stay as balanced as possible without over compensating in some way.