Monday, July 2, 2018


8 RM Dimel Deadlift (3-4 Attempts)

2 Rounds:
1a) 8 Barbell Hack Squats
1b) 16 Total KB Front Rack Step Back Lunges

10:00 Ladder
1 Devil Press (35/20)
1 Toes to Bar
2 Devil Press
2 Toes to Bar
3 Devil Press
3 Toes to Bar

*Score is last full round completed plus any extra reps
*Compare to 1-2-17

A Tip for Today
The Devil Press is very appropriately named.  As the volume adds up on these, you're going to find your breathing becoming frantic.  A word of advice is to move smooth on these, not as a sprint.  Sometimes by slowing down, you will actually get more work accomplished because you need to stop and rest less.  If you can move for the full ten minutes, you will definitely set a PR on this workout.