Friday, August 17, 2018


Find a Heavy Push Jerk Single

2 Rounds:
1a) 10 per arm bicep curls
1b) 10 close grip push ups

"Tuck and Roll"
For Time:
Alt. DB Snatches (50/35)
Handstand Push Ups

*Courtesy of CrossFit Linchpin

Post WOD Accessories
60 m KB Farmers Carry
60 m KB Front Rack Carry
60 m KB Overhead Carry

A Tip For Today
Yes, you read that right, bicep curls.  What creates joint stability?  Proper strength of the surrounding muscle tissue.  What happens when there is a muscular imbalance around a joint?  Multiple things can result from tendonitis, to small strains and sprains, all the way up to dislocations and tears.  Bicep curls help to stabilize the elbow joint for overhead lifting, especially snatches and overhead squats.  If you have ever hyperextended the elbow, or if you have hyper-mobile elbow joints, the bicep curl will help provide that joint stability.