Wednesday, August 29, 2018


One Attempt Max Rep Strict Handstand Push Ups
*Rest as needed
One Attempt Max Rep Strict Pull Ups

Four Rounds for Max Reps
1 Minute Max Burpees
1 Minute Max Clean and Jerk (155/105)
REST 1:00

*Score is 2 Numbers (Total Burpees and Total C&J)
*Compare to 6-30-14 and 7-11-16

A Tip For Today
Welcome to the beginning of a gymnastics cycle! We are using today as a test for our numbers.  If you cannot make it today, try to make this up at some time this week.  We will be eliminating the use of all bands and hopefully building everyones gymnastics strengths.  As for the WOD today, it's a hard breather.  Going from a full body gymnastics move, like the burpee, into a moderate weight clean and jerk, that first rep might feel a bit spicy.  Be prepared to do the clean and jerks one at a time but at a fast rate.