Tuesday, August 28, 2018


6:00 EMOM
Min 1: 10 Hollow Rocks + 5 Push Ups
Min 2: 10 Arch Rocks + 5 Push Ups

"Hot Air"
400 m Run
50 Squats
15 Ring Dips

Post WOD Accessories
3 Rounds:
1a) 12 Bent Over Rows with DB's
1b) 25 Banded Straight Arm Lat Pull Downs

A Tip For Today
Everyone takes for granted that movements like air squats, push ups, sit ups and most gymnastics.  Because there is no external load people turn off the section of their brain that thinks about "form" and they just try to blow through it as fast as possible.  Improper movement is still improper movement and over time can still lead to injury.  Take time during the warm up to adjust form.  Think about what your coach is asking of you during the workout and make a conscience effort to move that way.  Instead of trying to blow through the easy stuff as fast as possible, sloppy, move at a smooth pace and hit all of your points of performance.  This will eventually make you faster.