Wednesday, August 8, 2018


3 x 9 Bench Press
-All Middle Grip, Increasing in Weight Each Round

For Time:
Power Clean (155/115) (205/135 Rx+)
Handstand Push Up

Compare to:
5-21-13/ 10-1-13/ 3-4-14/ 11-25-14/ 5-13-15/4-4-16/3-13-17

A Tip For Today
With the loading for today being moderately heavy, we are looking for something that will be a good mental test to rep together for 3-5 reps.  With that being said, remember the work that we have done on power cleans, being explosive on the way up and working around the bar to receive it.  If you have been working on your barbell efficiency, you will set a huge PR today.