Wednesday, September 5, 2018


1a) 5x5 Strict Pull Ups
1b) :30 Hollow Hold + :30 Arch Hold

*Designed to be completed as a superset
*Advanced athlete 5x7
*Scale for strict pull ups is 3x3 with a :04 negative

3:00 AMRAP
500 m Row
Max rep burpees in remaining time
REST 3:00

*Score is 2 numbers (burpees each round)
*Compare to 9-29-14

A Tip for Today
The point of the new gymnastics cycle is to teach proper positions and positional strength.  The idea of this is NOT to go through it as fast as possible.  For the pull ups today, you will have a spotter and you will check hollow positioning and lat activation on every rep before the pull up begins.  This should be a bit time consuming now but in the later weeks, it will become second nature.