Tuesday, September 4, 2018


Back Squat
on the 3:00
10 @ 67%
8 @ 72%
6 @ 77%
4 @ 82%
2 @ 87%

9 Push Press (115/75)
12 ft. Unbroken Handstand Walk*
50 Double Unders

*Scale for handstand walk is 24 total inverted shoulder taps
Compare to 7-29-16

A Tip for Today
Racecar?  Racecar is a palindrome, meaning, it is spelled the same forward and backward.  This is similar to our overhead presses and our handstand movements.  When we flip onto our hands, our body positions should not be much different than when we are lifting a barbell overhead.  If you do not overly arch your back when you throw weight over your head, why would you do it when you get into a handstand?