Thursday, September 13, 2018


Back Squat Every 3:00
10 @ 69%
8 @ 74%
6 @ 79%
4 @ 84%
2 @ 89%

"Higher Power"
12:00 AMRAP
12 Lateral Burpees
9 Front Squats (135/95)
6 Bar Muscle Ups

A Tip For Today
Today's workout offers a plethora of strategy options.  One option could be to pace the burpees well so that you can go straight into the front squats and do them unbroken.  Since the rep scheme is low for the front squats, breaking them would be more of a hassle than anything.  That leaves us with the bar work.  If bar muscle ups are your strength, then unbroken is your jam!  That would lead us back to pacing the burpees so that at least one of the stations is a chance to catch your breath.  If bar muscle ups are a bit of a weakness and you know you will be spending more time there than most, you can make up time on the burpees by pushing the pace.