Thursday, September 20, 2018


Back Squat on the 3:30
10 @ 715
8 @ 76%
6 @ 81%
4 @ 86%
2 @ 91%

2 RFT:
50 Wall Balls (20/14)
10 Bar Muscle Ups

*Courtesy of CrossFit Linchpin

A Tip For Today
Squatting is probably the most functional movement that we do.  We squat all day long and do not even realize it.  You also do not realize how important it is to take care of that movement until you watch someone who can no longer sit in a chair on their own.  The ability to squat to your full depth for the longevity of your life is the key to independence.  We are all, yes all, at an age where we take such a simple thing for granted.  Never take your health, your movement, or your strength for granted.  Treat it seriously daily.  As we age, it will become your greatest asset.