Friday, October 12, 2018


5 Rounds:
1 Strict Ring Muscle Up

7:00 Ladder
DB Snatch (50/35)
Chest to Bar Pull Ups
*This workout is completed as:
1 DB Snatch (NOT 1 Per Arm)
1 Chest To Bar
2 Alt. DB Snatches
2 Chest to Bar
3 Alt. DB Snatches (3 Total, NOT Per Arm)
3 Chest to Bar
ETC. Until 7:00 is up
*Score is last full round completed plus any extra work

A Tip For Today
Ladder workouts are some of the most mentally challenging workouts you can do.  You start out strong and feel like you have made a ton of progress only to look at the clock and realize you have five minutes left.  Start smooth with your breathing under control.  With a workout that is going to feel like Fran, you need to be prepared for the discomfort to hit around round 7 or 8.  As for the chest to bar pull ups, break them into manageable sets early.  It will keep you fresh for a longer period of time.