Monday, October 22, 2018


6 x 3 Push Press @ 70%

"Mainsite 10-5-18"
3 Rounds for Max Reps:
Power Cleans :30 Work/:30 Rest
Power Cleans :25 Work/:35 Rest
Power Cleans :20 Work/:40 Rest
Power Cleans :15 Work/:45 Rest
Power Cleans :10 Work/:50 Rest
Men 155 lbs
Women 105 lbs
*No Rest Between Rounds
*Score is One Total Number

A Tip for Today
Barbell cycling is the name of the game today!  If you want your cycling to be efficient and smooth, find something to look at straight ahead and do not take your eyes off of it.  When you start looking up and down, the barbell starts moving in and out instead of up and down.  Pretty soon you will find that your power clean looks more like a kettle bell swing, your back hurts and the bar feels twice as heavy.  Slide the bar up and down, allowing your legs to be your driving force.