Tuesday, November 20, 2018


3 x 5 Front Squats @ 65%

2 Rounds:
1a) 30 Glute Bridges
1b) 10 per Side KB Suitcase Deadlifts

For Time:
50 * 40 * 30 * 20 * 10 *  Double Unders
*Round 1: 20 KB Waiters Lunges (1.5/1)
*Round 2: 20 KB Swings
*Round 3: 20 KB Squat Cleans
*Round 4: 20 KB Swings
*Round 5: 20 KB Waiters Lunges

**On the lunges it is one KB and 10 reps per arm.  The squat clean is also a single KB.

A Tip For Today
The KB's are designed to not only tax the shoulders a bit but also to offer a midline test.  Being efficient at double unders requires a stable midline.  When that midline is tested and the athlete looses focus, those reps become more taxing.  Just like our hollow body position we use for pull ups and handstands, that same midline bracing makes double unders a resting station.