Thursday, December 20, 2018


2 Rounds:
10 Hollow Sit Ups
5 Strict Toes to Bar
2 Rounds:
10 Superman Rocks
5 Beat Swings
2 Rounds:
2 Alligator Rolls Right
2 Alligator Rolls Left
3 Toes to Bar

Toes to Bar
Deadlift (225/155)

*Courtesy of Comptrain Masters

A Tip for Today
This workout is 100% about your grip and lat strength and endurance.  The early rounds are going to seem fairly easy.  When you hit the middle of the workout, you need to be ready to adjust your game plan if needed.  Even though the reps are small, the ability to hang on to both bars is going to become a challenge.  If you know this will be an issue for you, break up the bigger sets of the deadlifts in the beginning and the bigger sets of toes to bar at the end.