Thursday, January 17, 2019


5 Rounds With a Spotter:
1a) 10 Hollow Rocks
1b) 5 Strict Toes to Bar
1c) 10 Superman Rocks
1d) :20 Headstand, Handstand, or Freestanding Handstand Hold

"Prime Remix"
7:00 EMOM
7 Toes to Bar
*Max Rep Wall Balls in Remainder of the Minute (20/14)

*Workout Starts With Wall Balls
*Score is Total Wall Balls

A Tip For Today
This is a, control your breathing and stop thinking, kind of day.  A minute of wall balls can feel like an eternity.  However, if you focus only on your breathing (and counting), that minute will fly by.  When you allow negative thoughts to creep in like, "this feels awful", "I need a break", "everything hurts", you are more likely to drop the ball long before you actually need to.  You control the thoughts that run through your mind.  Tell that negative side to "zip it" and keep moving.