Tuesday, January 15, 2019


3x3 Strict Press @ 50% of Press 1 RM
3x3 Push Press @ 55% of Push Press 1 RM
3x3 Push Jerk @ 60% of Jerk 1 RM

"Time Trial"
For Time:
1 Mile Run

Post WOD:
3 Rounds:
1a) 30 m DB Overhead Carry Right Arm
1b) 30 m DB Overhead Carry Left Arm
1c) 20 per Side Banded Oblique Twist

A Tip For Today
In sprinting word, a mile is a long distance run.  In endurance world, a mile is a sprint.  In reality, the mile is a distance that you should be able to do a fairly strong pace.  You definitely do not want to start out in an all out sprint but you would like to be able to finish in a sprint like fashion.  Mentally, divide it up into 400 m intervals.  You could start out a bit slower, kick it up a few notches for the next 400, dial it back for the third 400 but not as slow as the first 400, then kick in the after burners for the last 400.