Wednesday, January 2, 2019


"Boat Race"
500 m Row
400 m Run

*Rest 3:00 Between Rounds
*Score is total time INCLUDING rest
*Courtesy of CrossFit New England

Post WOD
3 Rounds:
1a) :60 Plank
1b) :30 Right Side Plank
1c) :30 Left Side Plank

A Tip For Today
If you did not read Monday's tip, please do so today.  As for a tip for this workout, be prepared to work hard and go to a very dark place!  This workout is designed to be three all out sprints.  For the row, you are looking at a pace that is about ten seconds slower than your 500 m PR pace.  Once you get off the rower, it's an all out 400 m run.  Your damper setting today will be pivotal in your ability to run, choose wisely!