Thursday, February 14, 2019


"Open Mash"
20:00 EMOM
Min 1: 5 DB Deadlifts + 5 DB Push Press (50/35)
Min 2: 10 Burpees to a 6" Target
Min 3: 15/10 Cal Row
Min 4: Rest

Post WOD
2 Rounds:
1a) :30 Right arm DB Overhead Hold
1b) 30 Standing Banded Crunches
1c) :30 Left arm DB Overhead Hold
1d) 10 Ab Fallouts on Rings or Bar

A Tip For Today
What is the best way to lower body fat?  What is the best way to increase VO2 Max?  What is the fastest way to increase your fitness?  Interval training.  High intensity work, including weightlifting, with rest will overall change and benefit your body more than any other form of exercise.  Now add in the most important part, clean nutrition, and you are unstoppable.