Monday, February 18, 2019


For Time With a Partner:
50 Cal Row
50 Synchronized Air Squats
50 Total Goblet Reverse Lunges with DB (50/35)
50 Total Alt. DB Snatches
50 Goblet Squats with DB
50 DB Hang Clean and Jerks (5 per arm before switching)
50 Lateral Burpees Over DB

A Tip for Today
Welcome to the first week of the Open!  We will be programming the next five weeks to make sure everyone is fresh for Friday.  If you cannot complete the workouts on Friday or if you want to repeat a workout, you are welcome to do so during open gym on Saturday or during Coach Adam's open gym on Sunday ($10).  We ask that workouts not be completed on Monday unless it is absolutely necessary.  If you have no option but to complete it on Monday, please be prepared with someone to judge you.  Reminder that we will be hosting Friday night lights starting at 5 p.m. every Friday during the Open! Come in and cheer on your fellow Ferrum family members!