Thursday, March 28, 2019


For Time With 1 Dumbbell (50/35):

400 m DB Run/Carry Buy In
30-20-10 of:
Alt. DB Snatch
DB Anchored Sit Up
DB Thruster
DB Plank Pull Through
DB Farmers Carry Lunge
DB Bench Press
DB Clean and Jerk (alt. every 5 reps)
400 m DB Run/Carry Buy Out

*Courtesy of CrossFit Training Yard

A Tip For Today
At first glance, you might think of doing more work on your predominant arm,with the exception of the movements that you must alternate.  In reality, you would be better off breaking up the reps into small sets and switching hands as smoothly as possible without setting the DB down.  The longer you hang onto the DB in one hand, the more rest that forearm is going to need before doing work.