Wednesday, April 17, 2019


3 Rounds:
:30 Hollow Hold
:15 REST
:30 Superman Hold
:15 REST
5 Strict Pull Ups

20-Minute AMRAP of: 
5 Pull-ups 
10 Push-ups 
15 Squats

A Tip For Today
This is an AMRAP that people do not PR often because they start the whole thing with the wrong pacing strategy.  Aside from fast, smooth transitions, and getting better at pull ups and push ups, your pacing on this workout will set you up for a huge PR.  Most people start this thinking of it as an EMOM.  However, that rest will slowly dwindle and you will find that you wasted a lot of time at the beginning of the workout, resting.  Start this workout with your head down and eyes forward.  Do not look at the clock once.  Take your mind somewhere else and just do work.