Monday, April 1, 2019


6 x 4 Dynamic Effort DB Floor Press

5:00 AMRAP
DB Renegade Row

1 Renegade Row = Push Up, Row, Row

"Force Field"
16:00 EMOM
Min 1 - 12/8 Cal Bike
Min 2 - 8 Push Press (95/65)
Min 3 - 14 Alt. Pistol Squats
Min 4 - 5 Hollow Rocks + 10 Alt. Leg V-Ups

A Tip For Today
Why does every Monday have to feel like the day that we start over?  Why does Monday get such a bad name?  All of those feelings are things you have created in your mind.  Monday is just another day of the week.  It isn't a new beginning.  It isn't the worst day ever.  You aren't going to feel like crap every Monday.  What if you treated Monday like Friday?  Would your day change?  Would your attitude?  Would your workout?  Monday is just another day to move that much closer to your bigger goals.  Do not let your mind turn Monday into a speed bump.  Everyday that you get to work on your passions is a great day.