Nutrition Challenge 6-1-2017

Welcome to our summer nutrition challenge!  Below, we will outline the set up and rules.
*The challenge will last for 6 weeks and will start June 1st and end July 13th.
*In order to participate you must create an account on "My Fitness Pal".  We understand that different things work for different people.  However, what works for everyone is that there is a certain amount of food that each person needs to support their lifestyle and activity level.  This format will help people to understand where they need to be.
*We recommend following the Zone diet and tracking it with the app.

Here is the info you need to set up your MFP account:
*When you create your account, you will have to enter your weight.  Although we prefer measuring fitness in other ways, the app runs off of weight.
*Next you will set your "goal weight" that you would like to be at at the end of the 6 weeks.  Please be realistic with this.  When you set your "weekly goal" please do not choose anything higher than 1.5 lbs per week.  The reason we ask this is because you need fuel to be able to CrossFit daily.
*When you choose your activity level, please read the descriptions carefully.  Even though we coach and demo all day and work out, our activity level is "Active" not "Very Active".  If you have questions on this one, please ask a coach.
*Once you get through the basic set up, you will need to change the macro percentages.  On your main screen, hit "more" and then go to "calorie and macronutrient goals".  From there, change your percentages to 40% Carbs, 30% Fat, and 30% Protein.

Now you are ready to start logging your food.  You have the ability to scan products UPC codes and it will automatically enter that item as 1 serving into your app.
You must enter your exercise into the app everyday.  Please know that there is no "CrossFit" option so you will have to enter each thing individually.  However, it can be linked to fit watches, Map My Run, and other fitness apps and devices.  Also, when entering your exercise, only the cardio options have caloric value, not the strength.

As far as how much of each macro you should be eating at each meal, here is the link to the Zone chart.  When picking your blocks, you can base it off of your shirt size.  If you start out eating 4 block meals and you're overly stuffed, cut down one.  That also goes the other way, if you're absolutely starving, go up one.  This should be the perfect amount of food you need to fuel your day and make you feel good.
The Zone Chart

*This challenge is free to everyone and the winner will receive social media fame on our pages.
*At sometime this week, you must be measured by a coach and you must complete the floater WOD ON YOUR OWN!  Please do not do it on Memorial Day Monday.
*Challenge Test WOD:
For Time:
500 m Row
40 Squats
30 Sit Ups
20 Push Ups
10 Pull Ups
*However you complete this wod, (scaled or rx) is how you have to complete it 6 weeks from now.
*The point of the next 6 weeks is NOT to lose ALL the weight or inches that you have to lose.  The point is to create a positive routine and to end any negative habits that you have when it comes to your nutrition and lifestyle.  The point is to see change.  Lets go to work!