Zone Challenge 11-7-16

Welcome to our CrossFit FeRRUM Zone Challenge.  Listed below you will find the link to help you understand Zone, rules, entries, scoring, etc.  The challenge will go from November 7th to December 19th, 6 weeks.

Entry: $20.  There will be 1 male and 1 female winner.  Entry MUST be paid on the 7th when we do your measurements.

The rules for the challenge are:
1.  All participants must keep a WOD/food journal and have a partner.  You must keep an up to date journal of your WOD's and your food intake every day.  It must be written, no pictures.  You will receive 5 bonus points for a complete food/WOD journal.  If you skip days or a week, no extra points will be awarded.  Also, find a person (that isn't your significant other) to be your Zone partner.  This person is your support system!

2.  Cheating: NONE.  Each cheat will cost you $10, 20 burpees, and 1 point off your total score.  Points are very hard to earn so don't waste them on a weak moment.  We will allow Thanksgiving to be a cheat day.  However, if you are smart, you will keep it mild.

3.  Scoring:
 We will start by taking your measurements and doing a test WOD.  On Monday December 19th, we will remeasure and retest.  We will be doing a points system.  For each inch you lose you get 1 point (you can get partial points for partial inches).  For every second you improve on the test WOD you get awarded 1 point.   NO SODAS! NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS! NO ALCOHOL! NO STARBUCKS!!!

4.  Recommended supplements to compliment your challenge: Kill Cliff, Spark, Progenex, Blonyx, Pure Pharma Omega 3, D3, and Magnesium.  All of which, we have in stock.

5.  Here is the link to the block charts and some recipes.  Base your blocks off of your shirt size, and go down one. (So if you are a large, start as a medium).  If that is not enough food, and you are starving, we can go up.  If you start and find that you are overly full and you aren't finishing your meals, we need to go down.  Speak with your coach if you need help.
Zone Block Chart and Menus