Holiday Nutrition Challenge

Welcome to the holiday nutrition challenge!

The focus of this challenge is to not only clean up your nutrition but also to reduce your daily stress and increase your sleep at night.  There are many reasons why you are not feeling your best, not just that "you're too old" or "your hormones are a mess" or "this isn't for you."  The three most important factors in your life to make you feel better are food, lower stress, and more sleep!

Entry: $20 per person.  This will be a TEAM competition.  Your accountability partner is now going to be your teammate as well.  We will take measurements, weight, and have a workout test.  Both of your numbers count towards your score.  At the end, you must both retest to be able to win.  If your partner quits, you will not be able to win.  However, that doesn't mean you should quit too.

Starts: Monday November 19th with measurements and a workout.  You can weigh yourself but do so first thing in the morning.

Ends:  Monday, February 11th with remeasuring and retesting.

Length: Twelve weeks.  Most people start something and quit before ever giving it a chance.  Your body needs time to adjust, adapt, and change.  When you first change something, your body goes through an adjustment period and gains water weight before it starts its actually changing.

Rules:  The first 4 weeks are strict.  No cheating and no alcohol.  After the 4 week mark, it is highly encouraged to stay as strict as possible.  Before having a cheat meal or drinking ask yourself "am I where I want to be?  Am I seeing the results in the gym and in my body?  Do I feel good?"  If you do have a cheat or a drink, jump back into your strictness as soon as possible.  

Bento Boxes:  Each tray has three compartments.  In the largest compartment you will put your veggies and it needs to be over flowing.  In one of the smaller compartments you will put your protein and it needs to be level with the top of the tray.  In the other small compartment you will put your starchy carbs and they need to also be level with the top of the tray.  

You will need a partner.  This is a team challenge.  This person does not have to be a member at the gym.  You can have a friend or family member join your journey.  

You will also need to purchase some Bento boxes (see picture below).  Women will get 3 a day and men will get 4 a day (if needed).  There are no snacks however, during and after working out, a recovery protein and carb are encouraged (may be either food or whey protein with powdered carb).  Before bed, you may have a casein protein mixed in water.  The allowed food list is on the whiteboard under "Saturday".  If it's on the list, you can have it.  If it is not on the list, you may not.  It's very simple.  If you have any questions, please as one of the coaches. 

If something else works better for you, zone, paleo, macros, you may do it for this challenge.